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Parafango Pack-Add on Treatment

A targeted deep-heat paraffin and mud treatment for deeper muscle release, increased circulation, and reduced inflammation.

Your Treatment Cost + 15.00

The Fragrant

Our signature Aromatherapy Massage. Choose from Magnolia + Fig's own 3 Ayurvedic blends. Pitta (Rose, Sandalwood, + Lavender), Kapha(Juniper + Clove), or Vata (Vanilla, Rose, + Clove).

Your Treatment Cost + 10.00

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Our hot stone add-on with warm basalt rocks and our calming lavender + balsam pine essential oil blend.

Your Treatment Cost + $20.00

Cupping + GUA SHA

Treatments derived from East-Asian Medicine that reduce myofascial restrictions with negative-pressure vs traditional massage techniques. 

Your Treatment Cost + $15.00


Wild Citrus Oil Face + Scalp Massage

Face and scalp massage with Birchrose + Co's Wild Citrus face oil. 

Your Treatment Cost + $15.00