Our Services are curated to offer the best experince for you. 
Our online booking system will only show available appointments 4 hours in advance. We work by appointment, so if you are seeking a same-day appointment please call us at 646.926.1189 and leave us a message.

"the unwind" Swedish Massage 

Swedish Massage with gliding strokes and techniques aimed at restoration and deep relaxation. With herbal eye pillow, hot towel, & Flower Water Spritz by Birchrose + Co.

  • WHY: Relaxation, restorative, increase of circulation, alignment, and well being. 

60 min $90.00; 90 min $140.00

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"The DiG" Deep tissue Massage

A targeted therapeutic massage for when you need deeper pressure and the goal of assisting an ailment. With a herbal eye pillow, Birchrose + Co. Flower Water Spritz, hot pack, and Magnolia + Fig’s soothing Muscle Mend Gel or Bone Mend Salve by Wooden Spoon Herbs

  • WHY: Aids in realignment, increased range of motion, muscle recovery, circulation, and lymphatics. Therapeutic massage helps with injury, chronic pain, or other medical considerations.

60 min $90.00; 90 min $140.00

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"The Baby Love" PrENatal MassaGE

Prenatal Massage with a massage lotion and body oil by Baby Mama, plus our own custom “Baby Love” essential oil blend for peace, love, and tranquility. With herbal eye pillow. Prenatal massage is indicated for women in their first trimester forward up to active labor. Please contact us if you have questions.

  • WHY: Relaxation, decrease in muscle tension, increase in circulation, decrease of swelling, and improved sleep for you and your baby.

60 min $90.00; 90 min $140.00



A hour long massage that focuses on the head, neck, decolletage, and upper back. Our in-house blended Lavender-Mint essential oil mix, Flower Water Spritz from Birchrose + Co., and heat-pack as needed. Also a great choice for TMJ dysfunction. 

  • WHY: Calm muscles, soothe headaches and migraines, realigns poor posture from desk-duty, feeling of light and openness

30 min Express $45.00; 60 mins $90.00


Energywork Fusion

Choose between Polarity and Craniosacral therapy infused with Reiki and Teishin (an acupressure technique). Artemesia oil (Mugwort oil) from Wooden Spoon Herbs is used to stimulate acupuncture points specifically chosen for you.

  • WHY: Restorative, Unwinding, Increased awareness of the felt-self, heightened self-awareness, and healing

60 min $90.00; 90 Min $140.00



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A massage with Magnolia + Fig's Lavender + Rose-Geranium oil blend to relieve symptoms associated with your monthly cycle. A low back heat pack is applied. Massage is focused to the low back, shoulders, neck and feet to make you feel more anchored in your body. We start the session with Birchrose + Co’s Flower Water Spritz and and offering of Wei Chocolate to keep the sweetness going

  • WHY: increased blood flow, easing of menstrual cramps, hormone-balancing, reduced back pain

60 min $90.00; 90 min $140.00


Deep Bodywork + Active Isolated Stretching

Focused manual work for when your body requires deeper, specific work. Excellent for addressing pain, limited range of motion & when you're in need of overall recovery + functionality.

  • WHY: Reeducates the brain to relearn muscle motion and felt sense of specific muscles by using the nervous system. Stretching that gently releases muscles that improves circulation and neurological function