Our Difference 


At magnolia + Fig we want to elevate massage to make it apart of your lifestyle of wellness.

We believe that massage can be affordable and also luxurious at the same time. This is why we offer special uniquely curated treatments you won't find anywhere else with products from cult beauty brands.

We DOn't want to give you the hard sell.

For this reason, we won't sell you a massage membership like many of the options in Union County, NJ. Our massage sessions are priced fairly for this reason. We don't over-charge for a spa massage. We don't inflate our prices and then price them down in a membership for a sub-par experince. You also can come whenever you'd like instead, and aren't stuck paying monthly for a service you aren't fully taking advantage of.

We are experts at pain relief

Our owner Darcy, has spent years honing her craft and studying theories on pain and how structure determines function. She holds an actual degree in massage therapy vs. just a certificate and has done thousands of hours of continuing education, in addition she has studied Osteopathic techniques, Ayurveda, and is completing a masters degree in Chinese Medicine. Darcy is committed to helping clients with their discomfort, helping them heal, and open their hearts. When looking for our staff and other practitioners we invite into our wellness incubator, we look for practitioners that have spent time to learn new skills and are fully competent in providing treatments for a wide variety of people. 

Our therapists actually want to give you a massage

At Magnolia + Fig we compensate our therapists fairly for their work and our practitioners make their own schedules. We don't want a tired staff and we want every single massage session to be as effective and excellent as the very first session of the day.